Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to declare my major?
You are not required to declare your major by a specific point in time, but we encourage you to declare by the end of your freshman year/beginning of sophomore year. It is important that you are active in exploring major options and take progressive steps towards deciding on a major.
How do I declare my major?
When you are ready and eligible to declare your major, come to the Explore Center and complete a change of major form. You will then take the form to your new UNL college.
How do I get an override?
To get a course override, visit with the instructor or department for the course you are trying to add. If approved, the instructor or department will sign a schedule adjustment form which you will then bring to the Explore Center for us review/sign. If you obtain both instructor and Explore Center approval, your last step is taking the form to the Office of the University Registrar in 107 Canfield.
What is Pass/No Pass?
Some courses are only graded Pass/No Pass. For courses that offer grading as an option, you may switch the course to Pass/No Pass. Neither a "P" for Pass or an "N" for No Pass affects your GPA. A "P" indicates a grade of "C" or higher. You should visit with an academic advisor before switching a course to Pass/No Pass. Though a course may allow you to switch the grading, professional schools, majors and/or specific UNL colleges may not accept courses without grades.
How do I drop a class?
Students may drop courses in MyRED. Depending on timing in the semester, you may or may not receive a refund, and the course may or may not appear on your transcript as a 'Withdrawal'. You should review the UNL Academic Calendar and visit with an academic advisor before dropping a class.
When is the last day to withdraw from a course?
You may withdraw from a course before three-fourths of the way through the semester (specific deadlines are published each semester on the UNL Academic Calendar). A grade of "W" is automatically noted on your transcript. "W" grades do NOT affect GPA. Deadlines for courses less than a full semester in length (mini-courses) are prorated. You should contact the Office of the University Registrar in 107 Canfield for specific deadlines for add, drop, and withdrawal periods for courses. You should review the Academic Calendar, and visit with an academic advisor before withdrawing from a class.
Where do I find more information about getting help with my classes and getting involved on campus?
Review Resources for Current Students.