Registration Information and Tutorials

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Registration Information and Tutorials


Follow the instructions on this page to plan your schedule and register for courses for the next semester. Make sure to meet with your academic advisor before registering for courses. Please note that your Priority Registration Start Time listed in your MyRed Message Center is when your enrollment opens; it is not an appointment for when you meet with your advisor to discuss classes or a deadline for when registration must be completed.

Degree Planner

The Degree Planner allows students to plan their path to graduation by building a personalized multi-semester degree plan. Explore Center students can use the Degree Planner to explore potential majors and identify potential exploratory and ACE courses they intend to take in future semesters. Pre-Health students can also use the Degree Planner to map out their respective Pre-Health requirements and keep track of their progress towards completing Pre-Health requisite coursework. 

Accessing the Degree Planner video

Accessing the Degree Planner

Using the Degree Planner video

Using the Degree Planner

Uploading to Enrollment Scheduler video

Uploading to Enrollment Scheduler

Enrollment Scheduler

The Enrollment Scheduler allows you to build your course schedule and add classes to your Shopping Cart. Once your enrollment start time arrives (find this in your MyRed Message Center), you can register for classes from your Shopping Cart. See the videos below for instructions on how to use the Enrollment Scheduler.

Enrollment scheduler

Launching the Enrollment Scheduler

Generate schedules

Generating Schedules

shopping cart

Sending Classes to Your Shopping Cart

swapping classes

Swapping Classes

enrolling in classes

Enrolling in Classes

See additional tutorials on how to use the Enrollment Scheduler here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Download this FAQ sheet to get answers to some of the most common questions regarding registration.