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Maybe you aren’t sure yet. After all, picking a major seems like a big commitment. The Explore Center is here to connect you with the resources and staff to help you explore your interests and still graduate in 4 years. In the Explore Center you will have an assigned professional advisor who will work one-on-one with you to develop your individual academic, career, and personal goals. I am your go-to for any questions you have about the admissions process or how you will work with the Explore Center as you explore major and career options, or prepare to become a competitive professional school applicant. I look forward to meeting you!

- Hillary Hotz, Recruitment Program Associate

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College is more than just checking off requirements from a list. It's about discovering your interests, skills and talents, and finding out who you want to be. The Explore Center will start your journey by identifying academic course work, workshops, and programming that explores your interests while meeting graduation requirements.

The University Exploration Learning Community allows you to learn together in shared classes, living together on the same residence hall floor, and connecting with faculty, staff, upperclass student mentors, and professionals in potential fields of study. Learn more at

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