Brianna Foster

Brianna Foster

Senior Broadcasting/Journalism major, English minor, formerly undecided

Briana Foster

When I started at UNL, I considered majors in pre-nursing, pre-medicine, journalism and pre-law. I spoke with my academic advisor and identified courses, such as “Introduction to Health Professions,” that would help me learn more about different health careers. I also got involved in a variety of organizations on campus. This also helped me determine which majors and careers I wanted to look into.

The best thing about starting college as an undeclared student is utilizing different resources which allowed me to look into the areas that interested me. I didn't want to end up changing my major several times, so starting college as an undeclared student was a good way to explore different majors and find the best choice for me. I chose my major because I am passionate about print and broadcast journalism.

The advice I would give new students who are undecided about their major is that, it's ok starting undecided. It was definitely the right decision for me. Research different careers, see what majors are right for those careers, then ask a lot of questions. Work with your academic advisors. Learn about the different requirements for different majors. You want to enjoy what you are going to study, so be informed.