The Explore Center’s required COMPASS program for undeclared students at sophomore standing or above (27 or more earned credit hours) is designed to help students progress with their major exploration and declaration process.

  • Students will meet one-on-one with an Explore Center academic advisor at the beginning of the semester and collaborate to develop a major exploration strategy.
  • Major exploration strategies will include various action steps. These steps might include but are not limited to: visiting with a career counselor, completing a career assessment, attending an Explore Center event, job shadowing, or visiting with a major specific advisor. After the completion of these steps the student will meet again with an Explore Center advisor and reflect on their major exploration.
  • A registration hold is placed on students’ accounts for future terms that will be released after they have completed their major exploration plan or have declared a major.

Students will have the opportunity to work with the Explore Center for two semesters on their individualized COMPASS major exploration plan and may declare their major at any point during this time. During a student’s third and final semester in the COMPASS program the student will be required to declare a major before enrolling in future classes.

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