Health School Application Timeline

This timeline is a tool you can use to make an individual plan for applying to professional health schools after you graduate from UNL. Your timeline will be unique to your situation, so be sure to make an appointment with a Pre-Health advisor to discuss a more specific and personalized plan for applying to your intended programs.

Research Schools

Begin researching schools that you might consider applying to. Some factors to include in your search: academic >> prerequisite requirements, reputation of the program, location, cost, and GPA and/or entrance exam score of recently admitted students.

Ask for Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are statements from professors, work or volunteer supervisors, or other professionals >> that detail your academic abilities, interpersonal skills, and character. Professional schools require, on average, 2-4 letters and will sometimes specify that one to two of the letters be from professors. Check with each school you plan to apply to for the number and type of letters they require.

Take Required Entrance Exam

The required entrance exam varies by program and profession. You should have a detailed plan for preparing and >> practicing for this exam. Most students take their entrance exam in the spring or summer of their junior year. An entrance exam is not required by all health professions programs.

Start Your Application

Most health professions utilize a centralized application service. These services allow students to submit one application to multiple programs.

Order Your Transcripts

You will need to request transcripts from all undergraduate institutions where you have earned college credit. Contact each undergraduate institution’s registrar’s office to order transcripts. UNL transcripts can be ordered on MyRed, under the “Academics” tab or by visiting the Office of the Registrar.

Craft Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement or essay is an opportunity to expand upon unique experiences and events and adds a personal dimension to your application. Work with professors or advisors to have your statement reviewed.

Meet the Schools’ Application Deadlines

Schools and/or centralized applications services will have a deadline by which you need to submit your application for consideration. There is often a processing time after you submit.

Complete the Secondary Application

Individual health schools may also ask you to fill out a secondary application which is unique to their program. The >> deadline for this application will be after you submit your centralized application. Each school you apply to will let you know what steps you need to complete after you submit your centralized application.

Interview with Professional Schools

Many health programs include an interview as a part of the application process. Make sure to practice by doing a mock interview.

Make Admission Decisions

Admissions committees will review all components of your application, including the interview, and issue a >> decision about your admission to their program. Follow up with your pre-health advisor if you have questions about your admission status.

Health School Application Timeline

  1. Sophomore Year

    - Research Schools

  2. Junior Year

    - Practice and Prepare for Entrance Exams
    - Take Entrance Exam
    - Request Letters of Recommendation
    - Start Application
    - Order Transcripts (Fall Grades Not Generally Included for Applications)
    - Work on Essays
    - Receive Entrance Exam Scores
    - Have Essays and Applications Reviewed by Advisors

  3. Senior Year

    - Submit Application
    - Application Service Processing (4-6 Weeks)
    - Scheduled Deadline for Primary Application
    - Secondary Applications
    - Do a Mock Interview
    - Professional School Interviews
    - Admission Decisions