Undeclared (Non-Degree)

Undeclared (Non-Degree)

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At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, you’ll have the space, resources and support to discover your strengths and find a major that’s right for you. The Explore Center partners with you to help you engage in experiential learning in addition to academic, career and personal goal setting.

The Nebraska Difference


Get 1-to-1 Advising


Easily Switch Majors


Study What You Love

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Program Features

Academic Exploration 

The Explore Center at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln empowers deciding and pre-professional students to thrive academically and cultivate career-ready confidence.   

1-to-1 Advising 

An Explore Center professional academic advisor will be your expert generalist, helping you navigate a wide range of experiences, support and resources to help you feel confident about a career path.  

Transferable ACE Credits 

Achievement-Centered Education (ACE) courses are transferable across all majors and cover a variety of disciplines. ACE courses allow you to build a foundation of knowledge and gain valuable academic experiences from day one.

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Notable Courses

Explore Power Seminar (UGEP 100)

Explore your individual passion areas and purpose for pursuing higher education.

Career Development Seminar (EDPS 150)

Connect your individual strengths, interests and values to a career path.

Huskers Do Big Things


  • Huskers intern at thousands of local and national businesses, corporations and nonprofits each semester.
  • There are many resources available on campus to help you connect with internships, including career advising through the Explore Center.


  • From Career Fairs and mentorship programs to teams of Career Services professionals in each college, our faculty and staff have the networks and resources to make the transition into the professional world easy and exciting.
  • You won’t have to wait to get hands-on experience and gain career skills. You’ll work alongside faculty and peers to launch businesses, manage nonprofits or make research discoveries—all before you graduate.

Graduate Schools

  • University of Nebraska College of Law
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln Graduate Programs
  • University of Michigan Law School
  • Creighton University School of Law

Outside the Classroom


Academics & Experiential Learning

  • Receive a broad education through ACE courses, which provide exposure to multiple disciplines, critical life skills and civic capacities. Students complete three (3) credit hours in ten unique learning outcomes.
  • Gain practical work or internship experience to develop leadership skills, clarify career interests, strengthen self-confidence and establish professional contacts.

Career Preparedness

  • Take a First-Year Seminar course to enhance your exploration of majors and careers to help you choose a major that’s right for you.
  • Easily schedule appointments to shadow a variety of working professionals through Handshake and Student Success Hub.


  • Get involved in one of our many recognized student organizations on campus.
  • Schedule a meeting with CAST, the Center for Academic Success and Transition.

Have Questions? We're Here to Help

If you have questions about the Undeclared (Non-Degree) major or navigating the application process, contact us.

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