Pre-Health Shadowing Quick Tips

1. Expectations

Some professional health schools require a minimum number of shadowing hours while others have no stated minimum. In general, more shadowing hours is better than fewer.

2. Getting Started

Identify individuals in the career you would like to observe. Start with your own connections, such as friends or family who work in healthcare, or your own healthcare providers. Reach out via email or phone to ask if they offer any shadowing opportunities for students.

3. Before Shadowing

  • Prepare questions in advance 
  • Be on time. Take note of the correct date, time, and location. 
  • Dress appropriately. Ask about a dress code when setting up the shadowing experience. 
  • Be respectful of the patient. Be a silent ovserver unless otherwise instructed.

4. After Shadowing

Keep an organized system of tracking your shadowing experiences, noting the date, duration, and person you shadowed. Also include highlights from each experience. This will be helpful as you apply to professional schools, write your personal statements, and prepare for interviews.