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Starting October 26, all Explore Center advisors will be seeing students on a virtual drop-in basis via Zoom video or phone through Priority Registration (October 26-November 13). Virtual drop-ins are available M-F from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Please call the Explore Center at 402-472-3605 to be added to our virtual drop-in waiting list. If you need to need to meet with an advisor in-person, please request when signing in.


Pre-Law is an advising category for students preparing to enter a professional law school. Pre-law is not a major, and, therefore, does not grant students baccalaureate degrees. You can choose any major offered at Nebraska while still studying pre-law. Start your journey towards a law profession with the resources below, and then visit us in the Explore Center.

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Pre-Law Program

The Explore Center works with you to ensure that you are doing what you need to be successful in your goal of attending law school.  Through the Explore Center, you can meet with representatives from law schools visiting from around the United States; identify courses that will enhance your reading comprehension, writing, analytical reasoning, and communication skills; take practice LSAT examinations; discuss extra-curricular activities that will prepare you for the legal profession; and receive guidance on your law school applications. If you're interested in being made aware of pre-law updates, announcements, curriculum information, events, and activities, please stop by the Explore Center so that we can fill out a pre-professional interest form and put you on our pre-law listserv. Click on the badge to the right for more information about admission requirements and application information.

Pre-Law ProgramPre-Law Program

Your Guide to Law School

Explore Law Professions

Interested in a pre-law but unsure if it is the right fit for you? Wondering what kind of careers may be available to you after earning a law degree? Curious about what skills and abilities are needed to find success in the law profession? We encourage you to use the resources and suggestions below to explore the ins and outs of law professions.

Law School Visitors

Sign up today to visit with a law school visitor! Learn more about your different options for law school, admittance requirements, how to become a competitive applicant, and much more. Visitors will be available throughout the year in the Explore Center (Love South 127) and signing up for a 20 minute time slot is just a click away!

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