Pre-Law Shadowing Quick Tips

1. Why shadow a lawyer?

By shadowing, you will see first-hand what attorneys do in different legal work settings. You will have the opportunity to see legal work in action, ask questions, and make professional connections you can utilize for future employment or internship opportunities. Due to the confidential nature of some legal jobs, some lawyers may be available for informational interviewing rather than shadowing.

2. Getting Started

Identify individuals in the career you would like to observe, especially in areas of law that appeal to you. Start with your own connections, such as friends or family who work in law, and connect with local or state law offices. Reach out via email or phone to ask if they offer shadowing or informational interviewing opportunities for students. 

3. Before Shadowing or Interviewing

  • Prepare questions in advance 
  • Be on time. Take note of the correct date, time, and location. 
  • Dress appropriately. If shadowing in a workplace, ask about a dress code when setting up the shadowing or interview experience. 
  • Be respectful of the patient. Be a silent ovserver unless otherwise instructed.

4. After Shadowing or Interviewing

Track your shadowing experiences in an organized way, noting the date and person you shadowed, along with their contact information. Include highlights and reflections from each experience. These notes will be helpful to you as you apply to law schools and write your personal statements.