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Pre-engineering is an advising category for students preparing to enter into a major in the College of Engineering. Pre-engineering is not a major and does not grant students baccalaureate degrees. While pre-engineering students have an idea of the major they would like to pursue we encourage you to continue to explore all the majors Nebraska has to offer. Start your pre-engineering and major exploration journey with the resources below, and then visit us in the Explore Center.

As a pre-engineering student, the Explore Center will help you identify your academic goals and work with you to achieve those goals. The Explore Center will provide you with academic planning while you work on the entrance requirements for the College of Engineering by discussing the classes required for engineering majors as well as major and career exploration. As a pre-engineering student you will be able to participate in clubs, activities, and events through the College of Engineering.


Pre-Engineering Policies

It is important for pre-engineering students to understand the entrance requirements for the College of Engineering. Please meet with an Explore Center advisor to discuss these requirements.

Students are able to be designated as a pre-engineering student for one academic year. As a pre-engineering student, when you reach the one year mark you are required to declare a major within the College of Engineering or elsewhere on campus. Pre-engineering students that have not declared their major after one academic year will be administratively changed to Undecided.

Academic Resources

Academic success is an important component in helping you reach your academic goals as a pre-engineering student. There are a number of resources available to you to aid in your success. First Year Experience & Transition Programs works with students to develop academic skills such as strong study habits, reading strategies and time management, through one-on-one coaching and success workshops. Their office also coordinates Study Stops which offer students dedicated space to study by themselves, work in groups, or meet with a learning consultant for extra help with coursework in the evenings.

As a pre-engineering student, mathematics and science courses are especially important. These courses lay a foundation for future engineering classes you will take throughout your time at UNL. For additional help with these subjects there are specific resource centers dedicated to Math, Chemistry and Physics.

Major and Career Exploration

Whether you are exploring majors and careers within the College of Engineering or in another college at UNL the resources on the Explore Center’s Undecided website will provide you with ways to start exploring.

In addition to major exploration resources, joining student organizations is a great way to learn more about engineering fields and get connected to campus. If you are interested in joining a student organization check out the College of Engineering’s website for a list of engineering related student organizations.