Researching Professional Health Schools

Questions to ask about the schools:

  • What is the geographic location/What is the campus like?
  • What are the curriculum and classes like (class size, opportunity to take electives, specializations)?
  • What are some unique opportunities available (volunteering, dual degree, abroad opportunities)?
  • What is the cost of tuition per year?
  • What financial aid or scholarships are available?
  • What are their employment, placement, and/or board exam passage rates?

Questions to ask about admissions criteria:

  • What prerequisites (if any) are required? 
  • What is the average GPA and/or science GPA of accepted applicants?
  •  Is an entrance exam required? If so, what is the average entrance exam score of accepted applicants? 
  • Are there additional preference factors for being admitted to this school? (state of residence, Bachelor’s degree required, patient contact hours, etc.) 
  • What was their acceptance rate for the most recent year (number of acceptances vs. number of applications, acceptance rate for out of state applicants vs. in state, etc.)? 
  • How many hours of shadowing, if any, are required or recommended? 
  • Are student involvement, leadership, or volunteer activities strongly encouraged?

Questions to ask about the application process:

  • What is the cost of the application? 
  • When is the application period (when does it open and close or is it rolling admission)? 
  • Is an interview required? 
  • How many/what kind of letters of recommendation are required (faculty, professional, personal etc.)?