Pre-Medical Lab Science

Pre-Medical Lab Science

Medical laboratory scientists (formally known as clinical laboratory scientists or medical technologists) are responsible for the development, performance, and evaluation of laboratory testing that is needed in patient medical care and clinical research. They analyze samples of blood, tissue, and body fluids using cutting-edge technology and a variety of analytical techniques. Medical lab scientists also interpret laboratory results, integrate data, solve problems, consult with physicians, conduct research, and evaluate new test methods. Up to 80% of all medical decisions are based on their accurate and precise results. Medical lab scientists work in many different environments and several areas of expertise. They often do not have extensive contact with patients, but are an integral part of the healthcare and diagnosis team.

Pre-Medical Lab Science

Plan Your Path to Medical Lab Science Program

  1. Meet with a Pre-Health advisor to create a comprehensive academic and co-curricular plan
    • The timeline to a medical lab science program will vary based on program
  2. Research application requirements
    • See specific school websites for any specific application requirements which may vary by program.
    • Meet with a representative of the program for specific questions and guidance
  3. Apply to medical lab science programs
    • The application process for medical lab science programs varies by school. Please consult programs directly regarding applications and requirements.
    • To learn more about other educational opportunities within this field please see the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science website.

Suggested Academic Preparation

  • 77 undergraduate credit hours – may vary by program and no UNL major required
  • Completion of pre-requisite courses
  • Competitive academic record
    • GPA in both science and non-science courses
    • Full semester loads of 15-17 credits

Local Professional Schools

UNMC College of Allied Health Professions (Omaha, NE)

Current students: Meet with a Pre-Health advisor to talk more about your Pre-Health goals.

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