Pre-Mortuary Science

Pre-Mortuary Science

Individuals entering the mortuary profession typically follow two paths: funeral director or embalmer. The funeral director counsels families and next of kin with regard to the conduct and composition of a funeral service of burial, disposition, or cremation for a deceased human body. The funeral director also supervises burials, dispositions, and cremations and maintains a funeral establishment. The embalmer prepares deceased human bodies for such funeral services as previously listed. This includes, but is not limited to, disinfecting and using preservative chemical substances on bodies to clean and purify them. Embalmers also obtain burial or removal permits.

Pre-Mortuary Science

Plan Your Path to a Mortuary Science Program

  1. Meet with a Pre-Health advisor to create a comprehensive academic and co-curricular plan
    • The timeline to mortuary science school will vary based on program
  2. Research application requirements
    • See specific school websites for any specific application requirements which may vary by program.
    • Meet with a representative of the program for specific questions and guidance
  3. Apply to Mortuary science programs

Suggested Academic Preparation

  • 60 undergraduate credit hours at any accredited mortuary science program
  • No bachelor’s degree required

Local Professional Schools

There are no mortuary science programs in Nebraska. However, you can search schools at the American Board of Funeral Service Education website.

Current students: Meet with a Pre-Health advisor to talk more about your Pre-Health goals.

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