Optometry is the primary health profession dedicated to caring for vision. Through academic and clinical training, optometrists acquire the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose, treat, and prevent problems of the visual system. Providing health education, managing curative or preventive regimes, and supplying vision care to special groups of patients are all part of an optometrist's work.


Plan Your Path to Optometry School

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  1. Meet with a Pre-Health advisor to create a comprehensive academic and co-curricular plan
  2. Research application requirements
    • See specific school websites for any specific application requirements which may vary by school
    • Meet with a representative of the school for specific questions and guidance
  3. Take the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) (
  4. Apply to Optometry schools
    • Most schools use OptomCAS
    • Applications are accepted beginning the August or September of the academic year preceding the anticipated date of enrollment

Suggested Academic Preparation

  • Bachelor’s degree – required by many programs and any UNL major is a great option
  • Completion of pre-requisite courses
  • Competitive academic record
    • GPA in both science and non-science courses
    • OAT score

Local Professional Schools

There are no schools of optometry in the state of Nebraska. Search for optometry colleges and schools at the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry website.

Current students: Meet with a Pre-Health advisor to talk more about your Pre-Health goals.

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